Who runs this place?

Gallery Director Francis Thomas Capone has a BFA in Visual Arts from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, with a concentration in photography.   He’s worked in the New York art scene as a freelance artist assistant and photographer as well as working at the Paula Cooper Gallery in Chelsea, New York.  You can see his work at franciscapone.com  Gallery Programmer Alisha Westerman was born on St. Croix, and has a BA in Literature from UC Santa Barbara’s College of Creative Studies.  She is a writer and performer, chocolatier and Reiki practitioner.  You can learn more about her work at alishawesterman.com.

How did you get your name?  What does it mean?

macheteMACHETE started out as an online photography gallery in 2008 taking worldwide submissions.  It showcased a Photo of the Day as well as 2 week long online shows of contributing photographers series from their portfolio.  The name came in part from a slew of machete attacks that took place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that wasn’t getting much press in the news at all, partly, it’s thought, because of the gentrification of the area and the fear of “bad press”.  Thomas had decided that “machete” was going to be in the name as a way of letting the story be known.  Coming to St. Croix and seeing how machetes can be such a part of everyday life sealed the deal that this St. Croix was the perfect place for macheteMACHETE to call home.

How do I get a show?

macheteMACHETE participates in St. Croix’s Art Thursdays from November – June with openings every 3rd Thursday.  If you’re interested in taking exhibiting for Art Thursday contact Thomas and get ready to show a portfolio.  If  you and macheteMACHETE are a good match be prepared to work with Thomas creating the show.

Can I rent the space for a private show?

Yes!  macheteMACHETE is available for private shows on weekends.  We take the current show down, patch up the walls and make them all pretty for you.  You come in hang your work (we help with that too) and invite all your friends to your opening.  Contact Thomas for more info.

Do you ship artwork?

Yes, our works are packed by a professional art handler and shipped vis USPS with insurance and tracking.   You can also pay for your orders online via paypal.

How can I help macheteMACHETE?

Besides buying art, check out our wish list, donations, participate in events and spread the word, or make a donation here. Contact us to suggest a workshop you or people you know are interested in attending or putting on.

Are you just a gallery?

We’re a community space with potlucks, workshops, screenings, a bar alternative, lending library and reading lounge.  We’re morphing into more every day so sign up for our email list to stay posted.

Do you offer any artist residencies?

We sure do! And we love them.  Contact us for more info.

Do you offer any other services to the art community?

macheteMACHETE takes pride in being available to and helping emerging artists shape their portfolio.  We also offer art installation in homes and business and public spaces and art packaging for shipping or storage.