Movie Night at macheteMACHETE

Volver…spanish for “to come back”, is a 2006 Spanish dramatic comedy film¬†written and directed by Pedro Almodovar. The movie revolves around an eccentric family of women who reside in the south reqoin of Madrid. Penelope Cruz plays Raimunda, and Lola Duenas plays her sister, Soledad. Their parents were killed three years prior to the beginning of them film, but the mother, Irene, has come back from the dead to get some answers to the question of why Raimunda hates her and is afraid to reveal herself. At the same time Riamunda is going great lengths to protect her 14 year old daughter, Paula (Yohana Cobo).

macheteMACHETE 5 Company Street Christiansted, VI 00822

$5 donation, drinks and popcorn available.