Our Summer Newsletter

Greetings in the name of summer!  Hope yours is peaceful and productive.  Are you finding enough to keep you busy?  What are your summer plans?  We’d like to know!  I’ve spoken to more than a few of you who regretted missing some of our events because you didn’t know about them.  I know you probably have lots of email to go through, but at least skim this newsletter so you know what we’re up to, and if any of it interests you!  We love to see you out and about.

If you’ve passed by the gallery and thought we looked closed, there’s a good chance we were.  We spent two weeks in New York and New Jersey, eating, walking, gazing and visiting family.  We ate proper Indian food, saw the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met, and saw this cool installation of a paper forest at Andrea Rosen gallery.

Since our return, we’ve been reconfiguring the gallery space to accommodate our vision for the coming year.  Change is inevitable, and we love the adventure!  We’ve created a lending library and reading lounge where you can browse and borrow books of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  We also brought our awesome record collection out so you can make requests to hear anything from Rock ‘n’ Roll, Bossa Nova, Calypso, Jazz, Reggae, Hip Hop and more in style, on vinyl! Alphabetized, even!

By popular demand, Thomas continues to make his gas can guitars, so those are still available for purchase.  Each one is unique, playable and looks very cool hanging on the wall.  We have been doing some sound recordings with the piano and other acquired instruments.  Come hear us play live on Saturday, August 27th at Rowdy Joe’s, from 7:30-10:30.

Sweetface Chocolate has introduced a new flavor – Ginger Chili – available at the gallery, and also at Namaste Cafe, Blue Water Terrace and ARTfarm.  Check out the Sweetface blog for more talk of chocolate and mouth watering photos.

Thanks to those of you who ordered photos from the photo booth project; they look quite beautiful in print.  You can see some of them here.

We hope you got to meet Nadine Donath, our artist in residence for the month of June.  Her work is still on display and available for purchase. Footage of the show coming soon.

St. Croix Source did an article on the gallery, which you can read here.

Movie nights start again this Friday night!  For August, we’re featuring the quirky, colorful films of Wes Anderson.  All movies start ON TIME at 7:00. Stop in earlier for drinks, snacks and a good seat.  We’ll have spicy popcorn, brewed teas and more.  Feel free to bring your favorite chair, blankie and foodstuffs, and friends! It’s a 5$ donation.

Here’s the lineup:

Friday, August   5 – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Alisha’s favorite)

Friday, August 12 – Rushmore

Friday, August 19 – The Darjeeling Limited

Friday, August 26 – The Royal Tenembaums

If you want to host your next event or gathering at macheteMACHETE, contact us and let’s make fun!  Keep up to date with us on facebook or our website.

We hope to see you soon.  Stay cool.

Alisha Westerman
Gallery Program Director