Summer Do

It’s hot. It’s the summer.  We’re taking it easy.  We’ll be at the gallery more often than not this summer, but we’ll be taking on projects that will help us get ready for September.  We’re painting, moving stuff out, moving stuff in, and cleaning up.  When you pass by during the day and it looks like we’re closed, we may be, but we may NOT be! Whaaaa?  In our eternal attempts to keep WAPA at bay we’ve been keeping the boards in the window up to block out a lot of the sun.  It’s an oven in here without them.

For the rest of the summer we’ll be going to APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Our regular hours will resume in September.


We’ll still be having activities at the space so stay tuned.  We’ll be posting the events on facebook/google +/tumblr/twitter/etc… as well as keeping our mailing list active.

This past season was a blast and I’m so thankful to all the artists, performers, and supporters of macheteMACHETE this year.  You’re all awesome.  Seriously.


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